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Rafter Calculator

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Graphical Rafter Calculator is a powerful and user-friendly rafter calculator for roofing and roof design, useful for fast calculations and design for standard rafters and advanced rafters ideal for roof calculation. After calculation, you can see the graphical rafter in 2D drawing exactly how you like it.

Graphical Roof Framing Calculator is designed to help architects, engineers, construction professionals, field technicians, builders, framers, carpenters, handymen and contractors, designers, draftspersons.

Rafter Calculator mobile is accurate, fast and offers an abundance of features, makes life easier for everyone involved in a project for building a roof.

The app graphically shows the detail dimensions of the frame-rafter with entering run, angle, and so on.

You can calculate:

  • Simple rafter


  • All angles including the bird-mouth seat and heel
  • All dimensions for the rafter
  • Graphically detailed dimensions of the rafter
  • Input both IMPERIAL and METRIC units, and calculate using fractions

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